Recent Announcements

Introducing  Competitive Edge Green Store!

The Green Store module seamlessly integrates with Competitive Edge POS to capture any combination of receipts, invoices, and orders; eliminating printing and filing produces labor and paper savings while being “Green.”

Why add “Green Store” to Competitive Edge POS?

  • Reduce paper handling and error-prone manual processesReduce paper storage
  • Reduce lost documents
  • Eliminate the cost and storage of pre-printed forms
  • Access POS information faster
  • Get online access to information that was formerly available only on paper
  • Improve control over documents and document-oriented processes
  • Streamline time-consuming business processes
  • Security over document access and modification
  • Provide reliable and accurate audit trail
  • Improve tracking and monitoring

What does “Green Store” do?

  • Electronically merge Competitive Edge POS Data with custom forms
  • Each store/location can have its own unique forms
  • User customizable form overlays by form type
  • User customizable logo graphic positional anywhere on the form
  • User customizable position for electronically captured signature
  • Document distribution and “copy” options for all form types including receipts
  • Each Customer can have multiple recipients
  • Documents can be created for specific individuals, branches, or company wide
  • Documents can be emailed to recipients and/or printed
  • Seamlessly integrates with Competitive Edge POS
  • No manual document scanning required
  • Receipts are automatically captured electronically
  • Complete with electronically captured signatures
  • Invoices are automatically captured electronically
  • Merged with form overlay
  • Complete with electronically captured signatures
  • Archives Documents
  • Archived documents are automatically converted and stored as Adobe Documents
  • Optional archive storage based upon configuration options
  • Store Invoices only
  • Store signed credit card receipts only
  • Store all credit card receipts
  • View archived documents from any PC terminal or Register
  • Seamlessly view archived Adobe Documents from Competitive Edge
  • Email archived documents from any PC terminal or Register
  • Seamlessly email archived Adobe Documents from Competitive Edge

Download the PDF here.

RDS – Mercury Payment Systems Partnership Announced
RDS has partnered with Mercury Payment Systems (MPS) to provide PCI-compliant transaction processing to IBM i and IBM Power Server users.  Competitive Edge POS integrated with Mercury’s TranSecure™ helps you meet security mandates with the best overall card data security solution available today.

How it works:
TranSecure combines end-to-end encryption for initial card data entry and Mercury’s proprietary tokenization technology for subsequent transactions. As a result, the integration removes Competitive Edge POS from the scope of PA-DSS complianceMinimizes risk and PCI compliance requirements.

• Reduces PCI compliance costs
• Supports recurring billing; card-not-present voids and returns; incidental expenses;
delayed shipping; layaway purchases
• Simplifies self-assessment questionnaire


Responsive Data Systems was founded in 1977 by Robert W. Fish to create solutions for the IBM Midrange marketplace. The company initially used its technical expertise to develop custom solutions. In the early 1980’s the company began building package solutions for the Retail Industry. Competitive Edge point of sale solutions are running in retail and distribution sites throughout the United States and Canada. Competitive Edge runs directly on the IBM Power family of servers and integrates seamlessly into many popular back office solutions.

The development staff at Responsive Data Systems continues to enhance the functionality of Competitive Edge. Responsive Data Systems strives to incorporate the newest technologies into the product: intelligent barcode scanning, product imaging, barcode label printing, integrated check and credit card validation, hand held radio frequency terminals, electronic cataloging, IBM SurePOS cash registers, and electronic signature capture devices. Enhancements and interfaces to new technologies are included with each new release of the product. Competitive Edge is currently on its eleventh release.

Responsive Data Systems is dedicated to providing its customers with superior service and technical support. Competitive Edge user conferences serve as forums to allow users to share ideas and make recommendations to the development staff for future enhancements to the application. With over 35 years of industry experience, a number of business partners (including IBM), and a loyal customer base, Responsive Data Systems is poised to continue as the provider of premiere point-of-sale software solutions for years to come.

Competitive Edge

  • Point of sale runs directly on an IBM iSeries or IBM Power Server
  • Integrates with any IBM iSeries or IBM Power back office software
  • Can be centralized, distributed, or a combination
  • Highly scalable for any size business
  • Integrates state of the art electronic cash registers or PCs with cash drawers, receipt printers, laser scanners, etc.
  • Integrated credit, debit and gift card processing increases accuracy and speed of close out
  • Enforces back office business policies and practices at the point of sale
  • Handles any mix of cash, check, credit/debit card, and open Accounts Receivable
  • Supports powerful global searches and item imaging to quickly and accurately identify products when they can’t be scanned
  • Tracks layaway and deposit orders
  • Handles all aspects of customer special orders, from POS through purchasing and receiving
  • Controls sales of items requiring permits
  • Generates documents associated with an item automatically at Point of Sale
  • Supports sales of kits and assortments
  • Advanced pricing routines support an unlimited number of complex customer pricing schemes
  • Supports open order processing as well as cash and carry
  • Supports tracking and processing of partial releases of orders
  • Supports payment on account processing at the point of sale
  • Handles gift certificate, gift card, and customer loyalty processing
  • Allows for selling in multiple units of measure
  • Provides customer and item histories at the Point of Sale
  • Reduces the cost of ownership by allowing a single skill set throughout the enterprise