IBM iSeries and IBM Power Servers Certified

Competitive Edge Point of Sale Software from Responsive Data Systems provides on-line real time point of sale for the IBM iSeries and IBM Power Server user. Competitive Edge carries IBM’s certification as “Store Proven” for the iSeries and IBM Power Server processors.

Competitive Edge now does Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Solaris

A single version of Competitive Edge now runs “cross-platform” on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Solaris platforms. Responsive Data Systems utilizes Infinite/400 from Infinite Software to allow a single version of the Competitive Edge solution to run across platforms. Infinite/400 environment is required to run these versions and is sold separately by Infinite Software, Inc. Whether you run your business on one of these platforms, process off line sales from your Salesforce, or simply want to run a backup server, Responsive Data Systems has the solution for you.

Off the Shelf Service Modules for popular Back Office Software

Competitive Edge, recently re-engineered to ILE RPG, utilizes a single external service program to integrate real time into the back office software. Off the shelf Service Modules seamlessly integrate Competitive Edge into such popular back office software solutions as JD Edwards “World”, JD Edwards “One World”, DMAS, and Assist. Competitive Edge is merely a service program away from integrating seamlessly into any back office software.

How the “Service Program” works

Regardless of platform, the Competitive Edge service program acts as a real time interface between the data base of the back office system and the program fields of Competitive Edge. A common signature exists between each of the point of sale programs and the service program. This common signature allows the service program to be swapped whenever the back office data base is changed, either because of different back office systems, or because of different releases of the back office system data base. Each application program within the Competitive Edge point of sale solution requests data from the service program. The service program in turn directly accesses the data base of the back office system, and populates all of the screen fields with back office data. It in turn takes screen field data and updates or adds back office data as required, without requiring direct access by the point of sale software.