Barcode Scanning Solutions: Intelligent Scanning with the Right Scanner

The Need for Intelligent Scanning

Most laser scanning interfaces handle barcode data as keyboard entry in a “wedge” mode where input fields are populated from the current cursor location on the screen. This “wedge” technique works well when the operator has the cursor positioned properly, at the beginning of the input field that is expected to be populated with the bar code data. However, when the operator has tabbed off of the appropriate field to enter override data, such as price overrides, or quantity information, failing to return the cursor to the correct position on the screen causes “wedge” connected scanners to splatter barcode data across multiple input fields often leading to transaction errors.

The Intelligent Scanning Solution

Responsive Data Systems provides a set of device drivers that add intelligence to the bar code scanning process. If an operator has physically moved the cursor off of the field where the scanned barcode data is expected to be entered, the Responsive Data Systems device drivers intercept the barcode data stream, automatically position the cursor to the correct position on the screen, and then populate that field with the scanned barcode data. The intelligence that is brought to the scanning process virtually makes the scanning process one hundred percent accurate.

The Right Scanner for the Right Job

Responsive Data Systems supports inexpensive serial attached laser scanners for stations where the scanning process can be performed easily within reach of the cable attached laser scanner. Wireless scanners are supported for stations where the operator has the need to walk around the register to scan items that are too large and/or too heavy to lift onto the counter for scanning purposes. Bluetooth scanners are supported for total un-tethered freedom when the sales process is performed on a mobile device running the “Salesforce” Edge application. Using the right scanner for the right job ensures the success of the entry process.

The Benefits of Intelligent Scanning with the Right Scanner

The high value of intelligent scanning with the right scanner is superior performance, excellent reliability, and user-friendly ergonomics, providing a more accurate and productive environment.