Selling on the go – Competitive Edge Mobile Store

  • Take point of sale to products such as furniture and building materials – don’t drag the products to the point of sale
  • Preprocess the second cart in line – speeds up the POS process during busy times
  • Check on inventory availability while walking the showroom with the customer
  • Process sales from outside the four walls of the store

Often products are sold that are too large to bring to the point of sale station. Sometimes large products are displayed in a showroom but will be delivered to the customer, (as is often done with furniture). Sometimes the items are pulled from a lumber shed, an outdoor facility, or even the back room, and the specific items that are loaded into the customer’s vehicle need to be scanned or keyed into an order. When the selling process requires these types of transactions, the Competitive Edge Mobile Store product allows the sales associate to walk around with the customer and scan or key the customer’s selection(s) into a mobile device, and optionally print out a bar coded ticket from a printer worn on the associate’s belt, which in turn is handed to a cashier who is ready to tender the entire transaction after a single scan of the ticket.

High volume retailers who have a limited amount of space to house checkout lanes can also use Competitive Edge Mobile Store to double their throughput per lane, during peak sales periods. In this case, a sales associate uses a¬†mobile terminal to scan all of the items being purchased by the second person in line, while the cashier tenders the sale for the first person in line. As in the above example, upon completion of scanning all¬†items by Competitive Edge Mobile Store, the order is placed on hold, and a bar coded ticket is optionally printed on the associate’s belt printer. The ticket is given to the customer, who in turn hands it to the cashier upon reaching the front of the line. One scan of the bar coded ticket number and the cashier is ready to tender the order. This use of the Competitive Edge Mobile Store provides the equivalent of opening double the number of checkout lanes without giving up the floor space associated with additional checkout lanes.