Competitive Edge – Features & Functions

Competitive Edge point of sale from Responsive Data Systems brings the power, scalability, and stability of the IBM i and IBM Power servers to the sales floor. A single service program directly accesses the files of the back office software, eliminating the need for duplicate data bases. Off the shelf service programs are available for several common back office packages such as JD Edwards World and OneWorld products. Retailers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada are discovering the benefits of incorporating this single platform solution throughout their entire enterprise. The IBM i and IBM Power servers platforms have proven responsive to the traditional needs of businesses, and now through Competitive Edge point of sale, the reliability, scalability, and power of the iSeries and IBM Power servers, can be extended to the point of sale. The cost of ownership is drastically reduced when the entire enterprise is able to run on a single platform.

Point of Sale – Competitive Edge Product Overview

  • Point of sale runs directly on an IBM i and IBM Power servers
  • Integrates with any IBM i and IBM Power servers back office software
  • Can be centralized, distributed, or a combination
  • Highly scalable for any size business
  • Integrates state of the art electronic cash registers or PCs with cash drawers, receipt printers, laser scanners, etc.
  • Integrates credit, debit, and gift card processing increasing accuracy and speed of close out
  • Enforces back office business policies and practices at the point of sale
  • Handles any mix of cash, check, credit/debit card, gift, and open Accounts Receivable
  • Supports powerful global searches and item imaging to quickly and accurately identify products if they can’t be scanned
  • Tracks layaway and deposit orders
  • Handles all aspects of customer special orders, from POS through purchasing and receiving
  • Controls sales of items requiring permits
  • Generates documents associated with an item automatically at Point of Sale
  • Supports sales of kits and assortments
  • Advanced pricing routines support an unlimited number of complex customer pricing schemes
  • Supports open order processing as well as cash and carry
  • Supports tracking and processing of partial releases of orders
  • Supports payment on account processing at the point of sale
  • Handles gift certificate, gift card, and customer loyalty processing
  • Allows for selling in multiple units of measure
  • Provides customer and item histories at the Point of Sale
  • Reduces the cost of ownership by allowing a single skill set throughout the enterprise

How does Competitive Edge differ from other point of sale solutions?

Competitive Edge is the industry’s best point of sale solution for complex retailers and distributors.

Complex store environments benefit the most from Competitive Edge.

Competitive Edge eliminates many of the common operator errors and omissions associated with selling.

Competitive Edge enforces policies.

Competitive Edge manages customer open orders, special orders, and layaway/deposit orders.

Competitive Edge uses advanced device drivers.

Competitive Edge supports integrated credit/debit card processing.