Selling while Walking Around with Radio Frequency Devices

In some environments it is more efficient to walk around with the customer while processing the sales transaction. Rather than having to write down the items purchased, in order to key them into a device on the counter, Responsive Data Systems utilizes portable Radio Frequency devices to provide the full power of the centralized processor to the associate walking around with the customer as the primary feature of the Mobile Edge product. Special windows designed to conform to the size of the display of the Radio Frequency Device, are used to communicate with the associate. A built in laser scanner adds accuracy and speed the Mobile order entry process, while a trigger handle makes the device easy to operate. A belt holster provides two hand freedom as necessary while processing and between customers.

Speeding up the Lines with Radio Frequency “Line Busting”

During busy periods, long lines can form at the checkout stands. This can result in a major problem for retailers where customers bring large carts up to the checkout area. There is often limited space available for carts to line up while waiting to be checked out. Responsive Data Systems solves this problem through its Mobile Edge solution. All items on the cart are scanned or keyed into the radio frequency terminal. Upon completion of entry, the order is placed on hold awaiting recall for tendering by the cashier. A barcode ticket can optionally be printed by a portable belt printer worn by the associated scanning the cart. The cashier simply scans the barcode printed on the ticket causing all items scanned to be recalled ready for thetransaction to be tendered.

Information is Made Securely Available throughout the Enterprise

Either 64 bit or 128 bit encryption is used to ensure that the information made securely available through the 802.11B/G network for the hand held terminals. Access points and repeaters can be strategically located throughout the enterprise to ensure 100% coverage throughout the facility, no matter how large the facility is.

Units can be dropped from 3 feet onto a concrete floor

Responsive Data Systems Mobile Edge solution is designed to work with hand held radio frequency terminals that are designed to withstand drops from 3 feet onto a concrete floor, with the battery compartment popping open representing the total extent of the damage from the drop.

You can use the Mobile Edge solution with confidence that it is running on hand held radio frequency devices that are built to withstand the mobile environment.