The Safety Edge – Standalone Backup


Process When You Lose your Connection

The Safety Edge from Responsive Data Systems eliminates the need for your salespeople to hand write orders during those rare occasions when communications is lost between your centralized processor and your remote locations. Power outages and communications failures will never cause your remote locations to resort to Pencil and Paper.

Error conditions as seen in the image below will no longer impact your business negatively.

A complete standalone backup solution from Responsive Data Systems

How the Safety Edge Works

Standalone backup is accomplished by simply adding the Safety Edge  backup product to a server in each remote location. The Safety Edge solution takes over processing during times of central location outage.  Processing continues with near full functionality and identical user panels.   When connectivity is re-established,  all transactions entered through the  Safety Edge  are electronically synchronized with the central processor.

The Safety Edge Database will be as current as Yesterday’s End of Day

Each evening, the Safety Edge  downloads changes made on the central processor to the individual Safety Edge servers, to provide current data should emergency mode be required. The Safety Edge servers have access to current host information such as pricing, promotions, Customer Receivables, and inventory.  After synchronization  is completed, the host processor handles the transactions as though they were all entered on line.

Powered by Infinite/400 from Infinite Software.  The Safety Edge requires a license to the Infinite Software Infinite/400 environment.

The Safety Edge from Responsive Data Systems provides a full function offline entry option.   Application programs and panels are executed on the Safety Edge server through the use of Infinite/400 from Infinite Software . To purchase your copy of  The Safety Edge, contact Responsive Data Systems or your local agent.