The Salesforce Edge from Responsive Data Systems connects  your outside salesforce to your corporate sever.   Orders are processed on a real time basis through a smart phone (such as an Apple iPhone, Blackberry, or Palm Pre), or through an air card on an Ultra Mobile PC.   Empower your Salesforce with the same information available to your inside Salesforce.

The Salesforce Edge from Responsive Data Systems also supports real time connectivity through your customer’s network by attaching a portable 802.11B/G/N access point.

Offline Order Processing Simply add the SafetyEdge standalone server product to an ultra mobile PC device running Salesforce Edge, and the combined solution stands ready to take over outside sales processing during times of central location outage.   An ultra mobile PC provides continued processing with near full functionality and identical user panels until connection is re-established with the central processor.

Safety Edge powered by Infinite/400 from Infinite Software

The Salesforce Edge from Responsive Data Systems allows outside sales and service representatives to process  transactions with full visibility to customer pricing, inventory availability, etc., without the need of a supporting inside staff.   To purchase your copy of Salesforce Edge , contact Responsive Data Systems or your local agent.