Recent Announcements

Introducing  Competitive Edge Green Store!

The Green Store module seamlessly integrates with Competitive Edge POS to capture any combination of receipts, invoices, and orders; eliminating printing and filing produces labor and paper savings while being “Green.”

Why add “Green Store” to Competitive Edge POS?

  • Reduce paper handling and error-prone manual processesReduce paper storage
  • Reduce lost documents
  • Eliminate the cost and storage of pre-printed forms
  • Access POS information faster
  • Get online access to information that was formerly available only on paper
  • Improve control over documents and document-oriented processes
  • Streamline time-consuming business processes
  • Security over document access and modification
  • Provide reliable and accurate audit trail
  • Improve tracking and monitoring

What does “Green Store” do?

  • Electronically merge Competitive Edge POS Data with custom forms
  • Each store/location can have its own unique forms
  • User customizable form overlays by form type
  • User customizable logo graphic positional anywhere on the form
  • User customizable position for electronically captured signature
  • Document distribution and “copy” options for all form types including receipts
  • Each Customer can have multiple recipients
  • Documents can be created for specific individuals, branches, or company wide
  • Documents can be emailed to recipients and/or printed
  • Seamlessly integrates with Competitive Edge POS
  • No manual document scanning required
  • Receipts are automatically captured electronically
  • Complete with electronically captured signatures
  • Invoices are automatically captured electronically
  • Merged with form overlay
  • Complete with electronically captured signatures
  • Archives Documents
  • Archived documents are automatically converted and stored as Adobe Documents
  • Optional archive storage based upon configuration options
  • Store Invoices only
  • Store signed credit card receipts only
  • Store all credit card receipts
  • View archived documents from any PC terminal or Register
  • Seamlessly view archived Adobe Documents from Competitive Edge
  • Email archived documents from any PC terminal or Register
  • Seamlessly email archived Adobe Documents from Competitive Edge

Download the PDF here.

RDS – Mercury Payment Systems Partnership Announced
RDS has partnered with Mercury Payment Systems (MPS) to provide PCI-compliant transaction processing to IBM i and IBM Power Server users.  Competitive Edge POS integrated with Mercury’s TranSecure™ helps you meet security mandates with the best overall card data security solution available today.

How it works:
TranSecure combines end-to-end encryption for initial card data entry and Mercury’s proprietary tokenization technology for subsequent transactions. As a result, the integration removes Competitive Edge POS from the scope of PA-DSS complianceMinimizes risk and PCI compliance requirements.

• Reduces PCI compliance costs
• Supports recurring billing; card-not-present voids and returns; incidental expenses;
delayed shipping; layaway purchases
• Simplifies self-assessment questionnaire